Meet Sharon Charter

My Expertise and Skill Set


I am Sharon Gascon Charter, I have been practicing full time for 28 years and  truly love my work.

My years of experiences have come from various outlets: I have taught couples massage for 3 years, I have received many massage sessions so I could learn new treatments to use as well as what not to do.  The latest was Orthopedic Massage (myofascial release), Body Talk (energy medicine),  and TMJ (temporal mandibular joint) , Cold Laser Therapy.

I am known for deep tissue treatments, but I believe that we need to accommodate each individual clients according to what pressure works for them (very light to very deep) and what their needs are that day. I have not only learned treatment skills through school and courses but I  have also learned very valuable lessons and sharpened my skills when I have experienced physical injuries myself and have had to rehabilitate from them.

One of my biggest strengths is critical thinking and problem solving, especially if one method is not working I will formulate a new plan. If we hit road blocks in your improvements or if I feel you need more care in conjunction with massage I will gladly recommend the right modality for you.

My commitment to you,  is to strive in making each treatment customized to you and your issues of that treatment.

Sharon (Gascon) Charter


RMT - Registered Massage Therapist: TMJ certified - Myofascial Release - Deep/Light Tissue Massage - 

CBP - Certified BodyTalk Practitioner